3rd dimension will transform electronics

Shifting PCB design from 2D to 3D will be a disruptive paradigm shift for the electronics industry, making new applications possible and offering opportunities for a next generation of product developers and manufacturers.

Getting ready for launch

We are getting ready to launch our new company Material Machines.

Alexander Straub

Founder and President

Alexander Straub is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist at London-based Straub Ventures and Cambridge-based Cambridge Accelerator Partner. He was a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, and holds two engineering degrees, one from Darmstadt and one from Cornell. Alex has also conducted research in material science at Stanford University.

Ismail Schlüter

Co-founder + Chief Technology Officer

Ismail is Material Machines' Chief Technology Officer and Software Engineer based in Berlin. Previously he was a Software Design Engineer at Tektronix and a Software Engineer at BigRep in Berlin. He graduated in 1999 as Diplom-Ingenieur für Elektrotechnik at Technische Universität Berlin.

Johannes Grimm

Co-founder + Head of Engineering

Johannes is the lead mechanical engineer at Material Machines. He studied mechanical and precision engineering at FH Jena and HTW Berlin. Previously he worked as a design and production engineer for LMTB Berlin, Carl Zeiss Meditec and Kinematics.